My goal is to make your wedding an epic celebration that is an amazing experience for you and your guests at a price that is fair and providing you with exceptional value.


Value Proposition:

While we firmly believe our pricing is competitive with other DJ's in the market we also understand that $2,000 or $2,500 for a vendor of any kind is a lot of money and thats why it is so critical to understand the value your vendor is providing you. Having been married myself, I get it and here is what we bring to the table:


Someone who genuinely loves what they do and is passionate about weddings

I love everything about weddings. I really enjoy the process of planning out weddings and I enjoy providing my expertise for clients and friends.


Quality over Quantity

I receive 120+ inquiries a year and only do 15 weddings a year. I make sure that any couple that book me is a good fit so there is natural synergy between us as we plan which makes executing on wedding day a walk in the park. In addition, I don't get jaded from doing weddings, every time I show up I am excited and ready to knock it out of the park for you.


Top of the line equipment

All of our equipment is top of the line utilizing the best brands in the business. One thing you don't want to worry about on your wedding day is how things will sound and look. We use brands such as Bose and QSC Speakers, Chauvet lighting, Shure Microphones, Pioneer DJ Controller.


One price, all inclusive

A lot fo DJ's not only break down their pricing into packages, but make it an a la carte experience with additional costs for things like uplighting, travel past a certain mileage, adding subwoofers, etc. With Bloom603 you are getting the best of the best that we offer for one price. No nickel and diming.


More than just a DJ

Hands down the biggest value you are getting from booking with me is that I take a hands on approach with your wedding. For starters, because I only take on 15 weddings a year I am able to dedicate more time and attention to you and your wedding. More importantly, I recognize that you are most likely planning a wedding for the first time, spending a TON of money AND getting unsolicited advice from all directions. I am here to help make recommendations and provide different perspectives to help you make the best decision for you to create the experience you want for your wedding.

Trusted by professionals in the industry

From being flown out to DJ weddings for famous musicians such as Quinn XCII to being the DJ for wedding photographers and awarded local wedding DJ's, I have been trusted by professionals in the industry.



Blue Icon

Blue Package

Intermediate package that covers multiple aspects of your wedding such as cocktail hour in addition to the reception

Pink Icon

Pink Package

Grand package that has your entire wedding day covered from ceremony until the last dance at the reception and everything inbetween

Blue Package

Whether you are hiring a musician to play music for your ceremony or your venue provides sound on your behalf, The Blue Package is available to provide flexibility for the couples that do not require our services for the ceremony.

Blue Package Card 2023
Pink Package Card 2023

Pink Package

The Pink package is what 99% of our clients book. With this package you are getting our services for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. With this package you get everything, wireless microphones, uplighting and a monogram your names projected on the ceiling or dance floor.

Premium Wedding Features

The possibilities for entertainment at your wedding are truly endless and with that in mind you will find some additional services/offerings that you can add on to any of the packages at no cost to you. Had something in mind that you don't see here? Let us know!

Venue Up Lighting

Venue up lighting changes the entire atmosphere of your wedding venue. We strategically place our Chauvet up-lights throughout the venue to create a more intimate atmosphere that takes the entire experience up a notch and will transform your wedding photos and your guests' experience. You can choose any specific  color or multiple colors for your up lighting package to create the vibe you are looking for.

The lights are battery powered, wireless, and can change colors throughout the evening to signify the transition from one part of the reception to the next.

Affordable Wedding Photography Connecticut by Jacek DOlata

Before Up-Lighting


After Up-Lighting


Custom Monogram/Gobo

A custom monogram (also known as a GoBo) is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. The GoBo can be customized to your liking and we'll work with you to identify the perfect design. The GoBo can be projected on top a wall, the ceiling, or the dance floor.

Floor Placement

Wedding GoBo Floor

Ceiling Placement

Wedding GoBo Ceiling

Have questions for us?

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