Matt Keene Bloom

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Our Story

Bloom was officially formed in 2018, but it's beginnings have been in the works for well over a decade. With a passion for music and creativity from an early age I always found new ways to pursuit those passions which lead me to spending 7 years DJing all over the country at colleges, clubs, and concerts for major recording artists. In 2016, I was ready to take a step back and plant some roots in the Seacoast of New Hampshire where I had attended college.

Since then I have continued to DJ locally at bars/clubs, corporate events and weddings. Though this new chapter in my music career is vastly different from the first, the experience of playing at hundreds of venues across the country is invaluable and has prepared me to handle any and all situations. My love and expertise for all genres of music bleeds through anytime I perform as I always find a way to mix in today's hits with those of the past; from hip hop to country, rock, soul and funk.

Working with people and making events truly special is something I am passionate about and as I continue to work in this space I become more passionate about doing more than just playing music; I am passionate about working with people to make events and weddings as special as possible.


Planning a wedding, an event, or trying to get a brand/website off the ground can be overwhelming. We are happy to connect with you to discuss and answer any questions you may have!